KTL Sport Floors – A FIBA Associate member

Since 2015 KTL has been a FIBA associate member.

According to FIBA rules, you have to be a FIBA associated member for minimum two years before qualifying for full FIBA Technical Partner. KTL is proud to move into it’s second year as a FIBA associated member.

As a FIBA associated member we do not have the right to use the official FIBA logo, nor do you find us on the FIBA partner list on the FIBA webside, however all KTL floor systems stated on our KTL Associated Member Certificate are fully approved by FIBA, ranked equally with floor system of full FIBA Technical Partners.

In case of doubt, or if you find divergent opinion about this during a sales/commercial proces you might be in, please take contact to the FIBA organisation directly to get the validity and their approval of our KTL sports floor systems verified.


FIBA Communications Department

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